Creating Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil in the Comfort of Your Own Backyard

If you think it is not possible to find the cure for cancer in your own backyard, you are wrong. It is very much possible and easy to make Rick Simpson cannabis oil in the comfort of your own home by following the instructions provided below. Follow the instructions and experience the medical benefits of Rick Simpson cannabis oil within your surroundings:


How to Make Cannabis Oil:
1. Dry out the plant and place it in a plastic container.
2. Dampen the substance with a solvent.
3. Compress the plant using a wooden stick or the tool you are using.
4. Continue crushing the plant until entirely soaked. Stir the mixture for three minutes.
5. Transfer the mixture to a different container.
6. Add more solvent and resume stirring for another 3 minutes.
7. Transfer the solvent, which should now look like an oil mixture, into a bucket.
8. Remove any remains from the plant.
9. Use a funnel or coffee filter to pour the mixture into a different container.
10. Boil the mixture in a rice cooker.
11. Turn the heat of the rice cooker to high after adding solvent until ¾ full. Continue adding mixture to the solvent as it dissolves.
12. As the level of the mixture simmers down the last time, add water.
13. When one inch of mixture remains, pick up the rice cooker, wearing oven mitts.
14. Transfer the oil to a container made from stainless steel.
15. Use a coffee warmer to evaporate the remaining water. Once dissolved into the oil, it is ready.
16. Use a syringe or container to fill oil.

Safety Precautions
Avoid the use of stovetops or other heating elements while boiling the solvent.
Use an airy and open area while making cannabis oil.
Use a fan to protect yourself from any fumes from the solvent or mixture.
Oil should remain under 140°C (290°F) at all times.


Hemp Oil: Great Treatment for Your Hair

As the name indicates, hemp oil is the extract obtained by pressing hemp seeds. The oil contains proteins, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, and is known for medicinal qualities. And did you know that other than being an effective cure for many life threatening diseases, this oil is also known to be beneficial for your hair?

A large variety of conditioning agents and shampoos are made using hemp oil, and a number of people have successfully treated their hair problems simply by applying the oil to their scalps in its original form. However, to achieve the best possible results, it is recommended that you purchase the oil from trusted sources which offer only reliable products, such as the Rick Simpson hemp oil.

Real Rick Simpson oil, not to be confused with regular hemp oil found in vitamin stores, contains potent concentrations of both CBD and THC.

Benefits for Your Hair

Protects Your Scalp and Hair: – The oil delivers emollient action which preserves good amounts of moisture in your skin, softening the scalp and

nourishing your hair:-  The combination of essential fatty acids and vitamin E provide nutrients, which help protect both your scalp and your hair.

Improves Hair Growth:-  The most useful of acids found in hemp oil are omega 3, 6, and 9. They are polyunsaturated fatty acids, and greatly improve hair growth, while also helping combat combat dryness. Strengthens Your Hair: Since hair is mainly protein, a good supply of it is needed to maintain strength and beauty. Hemp oil is almost 30% protein, and therefore, will repair all cell damage and strengthen your hair.

You can easily find products containing hemp oil online. However, for best results, make sure you buy reliable products like Rick Simpson oil.

Cannabis Oil Dosage – How to Use It Effectively

Cannabis Oil, also known as Hemp Oil, is the oil extract obtained from the marijuana plant by solvent extraction. Cannabis oil is known to help treat various life threatening diseases, including cancer. However, to yield best results, it’s very important to have the correct dosage. In this article we will discuss the dosage details to treat cancer.

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil

Dosage Details
For most people, it would take about 60 grams of Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil to kill most cancers. On average it takes a person around 90 days to ingest the entire 60 gram treatment of cannabis oil. Start by orally ingesting three doses per day. The first week, the dose should be the size of a half a grain of rice, and double the dose after a week. Until 1 gram per day is ingested, keep doubling the dose, and once ingesting one gram per day is achieved, continue with the same dosage until the cancer is gone.

The only side effect people will experience other than the ‘high’ is sleep and rest, however make sure not to fight it as both play important roles in healing the body.

Dosage Details: To Treat Skin Cancer
Get 3 to 4 grams of Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil and apply directly to the cancer area on your skin. Covering it with a bandage, re-apply fresh cannabis oil every 4 to 5 days along with a clean bandage. When the skin cancer appears to go away, continue applying cannabis oil for a further two weeks just to ensure full recovery. Doing this ensures all cancer cells die. In most cases, cancer disappears in lesser than three weeks, in worst cases it may take longer, therefore continue treatment until cancer is gone.

Having the correct dosage will ensure you get the best results. Therefore use high quality cannabis oil and follow dosage patterns to get rid of this life threatening disease once and for all!

Cannabis as the Cure for Cancer: The Evidence So Far

You may already be aware of the fact that Cannabis has been used for medical and recreational purposes for a very long time. There has been a lot of debate regarding this topic. Many claim it to be effective in curing cancer, in addition to many common diseases, and cure cancer.


You may also have seen the rick simpson cannabis oil on sale, also marketed as a viable treatment for health related issues. If you are looking for evidence to justify these claims, then read on:

Understanding Cannabinoids
You must first understand that Cannabinoids possess naturally active chemicals that are found within the plant itself. In short, they are protein molecules on the surface of the cells. Moreover we create Cannabinoid-like chemicals in our bodies as well. These chemicals are referred to as endocannabionoids, and have been discovered to function with cannabionoid receptors and control a vast array of functions in our bodies. The control ranges from controlling the brain, nerve activity, and even the heart function.

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?
Based on many detailed experiments, it has been noted that cannabis does possess a wide array of functions that can assist in the elimination of cancer cells and the growth of the disease in the body. Some of the positive effects that have been noted during these experiments include:

•    It can trigger cell death, which occurs from a process referred to as apoptosis
•    The Cannabinoid receptors prevent cells from dividing
•    Prevents new and old blood vessels from growing into tumors
•    It can stop cells from affecting neighboring tissue, thus reducing the chances of cancer cells spreading throughout the body
•    It also speeds up the process of dead cells being disposed

Considering these findings, it is safe to say that the claims being made by rick simpson oil reviews have some truth in them after all. Additionally it is quite important for extensive research to be carried out to find a perfect cure that has none of the side effects that come along with the consumption of cannabis.

How to Use Rick Simpson Oil

With the rising popularity of alternative medicine, solutions like the hemp oil Rick Simpson have become in-demand. However, to make the most of this oil, you need to learn how to use it. One of the common methods of using Rick Simpson hash oil is to smoke it using a clear plastic tube, which is the body of a disposable pen.

To get the clear plastic tube,simply pull out the inserted ink tube. Once you have it, take something that won’t melt or burn like the straight part of a paper clip or a pin to dip in the oil. Remember:you only need to dab a little Rick Simpson oil on whatever you are using.


Next, heat the oil on the paper clip or pin by holding it over the burning part of a lit cigarette. However, make sure that you don’t let the oil and the cigarette touch or else the oil will turn impure. Now, whenburning the oil, it will drop on the cigarette and burn. Once this happens, hold the end of the tube above the cigarette and suck in the smoke produced.

Even though you may face some difficulty with the Rick Simpson oil dosage that you need to use at first, you will be able to decide on the right amount after a few tries. Just keep in mind thatthe objective is to smoke as much oil as you can without wasting it. You can also use an old tablespoon if you are not too fond of using plastic tubes and pins.

Whatever you do, make sure you buy the legitimate oil by checking out the Rick Simpson oil wiki. If you buy anything else, you won’t get the benefits that tempted you to try the oil in the first place.

Making Rick Simpson Oil At Home

Rick Simpson Oil is a great cure for cancer and other ailments. The best thing is that it can be made at home. Here is how you can make your very own hemp oil at home:


Ingredients and Items You Will Need
Making the Rick Simpson hemp oil is quite simple. The first step is to source the required ingredients. Here is a list of ingredients that you will require:

•    Pure naphtha (This will be used as a solvent. If you cannot source pure naphtha, you can use butane)
•    A stick to crush the plant (The stick should be made from untreated wood)
•    A clean bucket
•    Coffee filter
•    Clean metal container
•    Oven mitts
•    Dehydrating device

The most important ingredient for making rick simpson hash oil is the cannabis plant itself. Do keep in mind that the cannabis plant is illegal in some states. If cannabis is illegal in your state, it may be difficult for you to source it through legal means. In such cases, it is best to abide by the law. In the event you cannot source cannabis in your state legally, you can buy rick simpson hash oil.

If you are able to source the cannabis plant, you can start making the hemp oil. Bear in mind that the process is simple but tricky. Therefore, you have to be extra vigilant with the procedure. A single mistake could end up costing you an entire batch of hemp oil.

Instructions to Make Rick Simpson Oil
The first step is to dry the cannabis plant completely. Put it in a plastic container and leave it to dry. Once it is dry, you can start the process. Initially, you have to soak the plant in the solvent. For every 30 grams of cannabis, you will need 500ml of solvent. With the wooden stick, crush the dried cannabis plant.

Make sure the solvent does not spill. The plant should be completely covered in solvent, add more if required. Once the plant is completely crushed, stir it for roughly 4 minutes. At this point you will require another container and the coffee filter. Remove the larger cannabis plant first and then filter the rest using the coffee filter. Next, pour the mixture into a metal container and set it to boil.

Once the mixture starts evaporating, add a little water to it. For every 30 grams of dried cannabis, you have to add 10 drops of water. After this step, leave the mixture on low heat. For oil, the correct temperature is about 140o Celsius. Finally, you have to pour the mixture into a clean steel container and put it in a dehydrating device.

You can use a coffee warmer for this purpose. You will notice that the surface of the oil is sizzling. This is because there is water in the mixture. Once the water evaporates, it will become still. Let the oil cool down and you can use it.

Important Safety Precautions
Use gloves and safety glasses to avoid burn injuries. Also, invest in a good quality apron to prevent burns and injuries to the body. Be extremely careful when making rick simpson oil.

If you have any difficulty making the oil, you can always order it online.

Why Buy Rick Simpson Oil

There are several types of cannabis oil available in the market for you to choose from. However, not all of the products are effective enough to deliver the results you are looking for. One of the few high-quality cannabis oils is Rick Simpson Oil, which is commonly used by people to manage the pain and discomfort caused by various medical conditions, including several types of cancer.


This oil contains potent concentrations of CBD and THC. The composition is made by infusing these two important components. According to various researches, the Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most effective component to reverse the growth of cancerous tumors. Acting through cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, endocannabinoids and THC are thought to play a vital role in a numerous biological functions including anxiety control, pain and reduced inflammation. CBD is also used to reduce pressure and swelling in the eyes as an effect of glaucoma.

Tetrahydrocannabino (THC), on the other hand, is utilized to stimulate programmed cell death in brain tumor cells. The best thing about THC’s effects is that no negative impact has been recorded on the subject. The brain is a delicate part of the body that can be damaged by medicines which would eliminate the tumor but by also impacting surround healthy cells. THC doesn’t cause any such harm.

Thus, this oil contains all the elements that many other products in the market don’t. If you or someone near you has an illness that can only be improved and treated through cannabis oil, you simply have to buy Rick Simpson Oil online.